Ohh Ahh Wedding Cars

That’s what you want to hear, cruising up through the Paris end of Collins St. on your way to the Carlton gardens, the one you love by your side in the form of their life. You both look incredible because it’s your wedding day and you want a limo that looks as good as you do to complete the package.

Now plenty of companies have some pretty nice wedding cars in Melbourne but none that we found came close to Hummers Hire. Their fleet was so well maintained and beautifully appointed it was an easy decision for us. The drivers treat you like royalty, which is exactly how it should be, I can’t imagine a better way to get around on a day as important as a wedding.

From Carlton Gardens, to Melbourne Uni Quad and to Universal Restaurant to complete the day, Hummers Hire took us to each memorable spot, they offered the perfect service to complete a perfect day.


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